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Campgrounds that are "off the list" and why. . .


 Bayley's Camping Resort, 52 Ross Rd., Scarboro, ME They don't honor reservations made with groups that want to be placed together.  When you arrive, the owner is an arrogant jerk who won't do anything to correct the reservations you thought you had (and have site numbers on your reservation confirmation).  When we were arguing with the checkin clerk about being separated, we spent 15 minutes with her until she finally turned around to ask the manager, who was sitting within earshot and heard everything and chose to ignore us and not make a single effort to help us out.
 Brialee Campground, 174 Laurel Lane, Ashford, CT The caliber of people that camped in our area Memorial Day Weekend 2012 was sketchy.  Watching neighboring campers empty their black tank into a yellow trash bucket and drive off to dump it (TWICE)  and come back in less time than it should've taken them to reach the dump station was disturbing.  Found out the next day they dumped it into the woods.  

 Lost River Valley Campground, 951 Lost River Road, North Woodstock, NH 

 To be fair, the owners of this campground were very nice and perhaps they don't know that they employ an angry little man that clearly targets the big rigs for harassment.  We ended up with sites that are "beside" the campground and right along the main road.  Said security guard drives around in a golf cart and of course, my dogs barked at him while they were out in their corral.  The next day, we pulled all the curtains in the camper and went to the Scottish Festival for 4 hours.  When we came back, he made it a point to come to the campsite, start yelling at my 83 year old father about leaving barking dogs unattended.  I came out of the camper and he proceeded to threaten me that if we left the dogs in the camper unattended, it was animal abuse and he'd call the local authorities to break into my camper and remove my dogs.  He then targeted our co-campers, whose son came to stay with them and made him move his car multiple times.  Not done with us by then, he followed us to a friend who had rented a cabin and we were having an impromptu fireside singalong and he busted that up at 10PM, citing q uiet hours.  As one of the campers we were with stated, and I agree with, "I felt targeted".